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Life is storied as it is lived

An authentic story of who you are opens up a space of connection that creates the basis for understanding, communication and effective action. This is especially critical for those involved in the arts whether as artists, performers, presenters or in other roles. My work is to craft clear, evocative stories that authentically capture the essence of who you are and help you translate that story into an effective and actionable strategy to attain your goals.


The Art of the Interview: A well-thought framework for an interview can set the basis for unlocking an evocative story. A short piece I wrote for East Bay Express on Northern Roots singer Tim Eriksen was based primarily on an in-depth interview. Below are links to a transcript of the complete interview and the published piece.

“Postmodern Traditional Music” (East Bay Express)

The Full Interview

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  • Jack Bishop (Editor for Pacific Review of Ethnomusicology)

I am pleased to recommend Jeffrey for those needing an intelligent, creative, writer who diligently pursues the story across the planet if need be. His work is exemplary, well-researched and thoughtfully completed. I offer my highest recommendations without hesitation for Jeffrey.

I just read your story about Tim (Eriksen) in the online edition of EBE (East Bay Express). It’s the best and most insightful piece anyone has written about him in years. Thank you so much for doing it.

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Written by Jeffrey Callen

January 16, 2011 at 10:02 pm

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