Deciphering Culture

Strategic Planning

My skills and experience as a researcher, consultant and storyteller make me uniquely qualified to help organizations, businesses and practitioners in the arts & entertainment sector define their mission, evaluate their effectiveness and devise actionable strategies to attain their goals.

• Strategic Planning • Program Design & Implementation • Evaluation

Client Recommendations:

  • DBF productions 

Jeff was really helpful for us as a North African hip hop  label based in Morocco. He gave us the opportunity to get in touch with useful contacts overseas to export our artists to another audience. He’s always bringing new ideas and this is his main strength.

  • Lilly Kharazi (Program Manager at Alliance for California Traditional Arts):

“Jeffrey is easy to work with and delivers what he promises. He is thoughtful and brings great intellectual skill to what he tackles.”

  • Gianna Ranuzzi (Founder and Creative Director of the Berkeley World Music Festival):

“The Festival is honored that Jeff will be working to expand the Festival’s educational component and ties to regional cultural institutions.” (Upon appointment as Cultural Resource Consultant)

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Written by Jeffrey Callen

October 3, 2009 at 8:27 pm

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